Corporate Credentials

Core Value Attributes

  • Principled management with high values placed on honesty, integrity, respect, and ethics.
  • Friendly, capable and responsible to get things done to customer specifications.
  • Complies with strict confidentiality for customer shared proprietary processes,  intellectual capital and privacy standards.
  • Supply Rite Steel fosters a forward thinking & solutions orientated workplace.
  • Exceptional technical strength surrounds all product ideas & applications.
  • Documented order process flow and order management system with continuous improvement mandate.

Industry Strength Attributes

  • Allied Tube Mill authorized distribution partner for over 15 years in assigned region.
  • All access to depth of Allied’s senior management, departmental specialists and personnel as required.
  • Concerns are resolved quickly and fully backed by Allied senior managment.
  • Supply Rite leadership is an experienced business operator, industry expert & backed by like-minded support team.
  • Supply Rite’s order managment and stocking programs are fully documented.
  • Consistently high-quality tubing is the normal standard across the product line.
  • Documented “corrective action” process fully supported by management & mill account team.
  • Understanding of fabrication methods, applied shop “best practices”.
  • Process controls fully in place to delivery consistently high service levels
  • Backed by strong professional team of fabricating engineers, coating specialists
  • Depth of product range – emphasis on quality
  • The Company maintains modest overheads to deliver products and services at best price possibel to our customer value.

Corporate Attributes

  • Each year, on the Company anniversary date, Supply Rite Steel proudly provides a financial donation support three employee chosen charities. (Arthritis Society, Cancer Society & Heart & Stroke)
  • Annually, several hundreds volunteer hours are provided within local organizations to collectively assist those in need.
  • Supply Rite Steel Inc. advocates safety in all its processes and can provide a certificate of clearance with WSIB.
  • Members in good standing with IFAI Canada Association (Fabric & Awning), CANsia (Solar)