Commonly Stocked Profiles

Supply Rite Steel maintains significant stock levels (over 250 bundles and 65 various sizes, gauge and lengths) of Allied galvanized tubing. Although many profiles are purchased and reserved for our customers on a “stocking program”, there is usually an abundant of additional stock available for your needs. We supply many industries and maintain a comparable “nominal pipe equivalent”.   The table references prifiles used within many customer applications:

General Stock Items: Allied Galvanized Tubing (OD and gauge)ShapePiece Length in FeetCoatingPieces Per BundlesBundlesNominal Pipe Size
0.625 RD x 18g (.049)Round24Flo-Coat500
.750 x 1.00 x 15g OVAL (.072)Oval20Flo-Coat1921
.750 X 1.500 X 16g (.065) RECTRectangle24Flo-Coat701
1.000 RD x 14g (.083)Round20Flo-Coat1270
1.000 RD x 16g (.065)Round10Gatorshield1270
1.000 x 1.000 x 16g (.065) SqSquare20Gatorshield180
1.050 Rd x 14g (.083)Round24Flo-Coat1273/4"
1.000 x 2.000 RECT x 16g (.065)Rectangle25Flo-Coat961
1.029 RD x 14g (.083)Round24Flo-Coat or Gator1270
1.250 SQ x 14g (.083)Round24Flo-Coat1211
1.250 RD x 16g (.083)Round20Flo-Coat911
1.315 RD x 12g (.109)Round24Flo-Coat910
1.315 RD x 14g (.083)Round25Flo-Coat9101.000"
1.375 RD x 18g (.049)Round20Flo-Coat910
1.500 SQ x 14g (.083) (also 16ga (.065)Round24Flo-Coat811
1.500 x 3.000 RECT x 11g (.120)Rectangle24Flo-Coat251
1.510 (1.500)1 1/4"
1.660 RD x 11g (.120)Round24Flo-Coat611
1.660 RD x 13g (.095)Round24Flo-Coat610
1.660 RD x 14g (.095)Round24Flo-Coat612
1.875 RD x 16g (.065)Round20Flo-Coat6111 1/2"
1.900 RD x 11g (.120)Round24Flo-Coat6111 1/2"
1.900 RD x 16g (.065)Round20Flo-Coat6111 1/2"
1.900 RD x 13g (.095)Round24Flo-Coat611
2.000 RD x 16g (.065)Round20Flo-Coat6111 1/2"
2.000 SQ x 12g (.109)Round24Flo-Coat or Gator251
2 x 4 x 11g (.120) RECTRectangle24Flo-Coat201
2.250 SQ x 14g (.083)Square24Flo-Coat250
2.375 RD x 6g (.203)Round21Flo-Coat3002.000"
2.375 RD x 9g (.148)Round14Flo-Coat371
2.375 RD x 11g (.120)Round24Flo-Coat370
2.375 RD x 13g (.095)Round25Flo-Coat370
2.500SQ x 12g (.109)Square24Flo-Coat250
3.500 RD x 8g (.165)Round26Flo-Coat1903.000"
3.500 RD x 13g (.095)Round24Flo-Coat190
4.000 SQ x 11g (.120)Square24Flo-Coat162
4.500 Rd x 11g (.120)Round24Flo-Coat1904.000"
5.000 RDx 11g (.120)Round24Flo-Coat1004 1/2"
Telescoping Square: Self Fit Galv with HolesShapePiece Length in FeetCoatingPieces Per BundlesBundles
1.500 x 1.500 x 12ga (.109) with 5/8" dia holes on 1.00" ctr.Square24Pre-Galv251
1.750 x 1.750 x 12ga (.109) with 5/8" dia holes on 1.00" ctr.Square24Pre-Galv25
2.000 x 2.000 x 12ga (.109) with 5/8" dia holes on 1.00" ctr.Square24Pre-Galv250
ANGLE STOCKShapePiece Length in FeetCoatingPieces Per BundlesBundles
Angle 1.25 x1.25x.120Angle20Pre-Galv251
Angle 3.000 x 4.000 x 1/4 (.250)Angle24Gatorshield20
Angle 3.000 x 3.000 x 1/4 (.250)Angle24Gatorshield60
Other Misc.ShapePiece Length in FeetCoatingPieces Per BundlesBundles
7/16" Raw Hex ConveyorHex20Raw15
4.500 x 7ga (.180) Gooseneck for BasketballRound20Gatorshield6
Channel Posts - Please inquireHatVariousGalv or PaintVarious
Tip 1: Pipe size equivalent OD are common staples for our inventory. (Namely schedule 10 & schedule 40. )
Tip 2: Flo-Coat tubing has a smooth finish and is popular for powder coat paint applications.
Gatorshield has a slight "orange peel" feel, though still smooth to the touch and can be painted.
Tip 3: Many customers tell us in advance the sizes they regularly use, so we maintain a "stocking program" for them. Ask us for details.
Tip 4: Not all stock is always available at the time of inquiry - but we may have suitable substitutions that will work for your application.
Tip 5: Certain bundles are available in split quantities. Please inquiry.
Tip 6: If its not on the list above, we can vertify with our mill and let you know what is possible.

Special Items:

Ask about specially priced profiles or less than perfect for its original purpose but very usable for your project. Inquire for availability.