Telescoping Square TubingHow it Works:

One of the secrets to Square-Fit’s versatility is its ability to telescope. Smaller sizes fit smoothly and snugly into the next larger size.

This is made possible by the latest in high-speed roll-forming technology with high-frequency resistance welding. This produces smooth corner welds within very close tolerances, reducing your fabrication costs. Use it in Many Applications: Use the Square-Fit® System to fill your building needs in almost any application: sign-support, racks, shelving, ceiling grids, conveyor systems, interior partitions, adjustable platforms, material handling devices, scaffolds, strapping machines, hangers, support members, protective railings, etc. No special welding, tools or assembly procedures are necessary with the Square-Fit System. Specs Snapshot: Square-Fit standard perforated tubing comes in seven sizes, from 1.250″ to 2-1/2″ square, in 10 and 12 gauge. Perforated holes are 7/16″ spaced on 1″ centers, except for 1-1/4″ which have 11/32″ holes on 1″ centers. Sections without holds are available in all sizes. Square-Fit comes in three standard finishes including Pre-galv Plus®, acrylic paint and plain (lightly oiled) surface. The Square-Fit System includes a complete line of zinc-electroplated fittings, fasteners accessories for splicing, extending and reinforcing. Supply Rite Steel stocks the following profiles: Pre-Galvanized with Holes Sizes:  1-1/2 , 1-3/4″ and 2″  Gauge: 12ga(.109)  Length: 289″ (24ft) All other profiles are special ordered.