Vine Training System

Innovative Vine Training System

Allied Tube and Conduit® has created a vine training system that improves overall efficiency during installation and maintenance of vineyard stakes and posts. It consists of a stake and end post made from our industry leading Gatorshield® tubing, which offers outstanding strength and corrosion resistant properties. The vineyard stake features laser cut openings along the entire length. This eliminates the need for special clips typically associated with an off-the-shelf post.

The vine training system benefits end-users by saving on costly labor devoted to wire repositioning. The fact that it can be easily driven into the soil without buckling or deforming adds to the time and materials savings. In certain soil conditions a pointed-end can be added to ensure trouble-free ground penetration. Vineyard owners will also reduce material costs via the elimination of clips and secondary attachments. This will also diminish the chance of clips being mixed in with the harvest creating a “win-win” situation for winemakers.