Farm & Agri

Developed for the dairy industry, used through Agri applications

Supply Rite Steel offers industry superior galvanized tube and angle products

Agri 50/55/60 galvanized tubing was originally developed for the dairy industry. This extremely strong, corrosion resistant gets it superior properties from the unique Flo-Coat manufacturing process. Yield strengths progress from 50,000 psi yield to beyond 60,000 psi yield. Triple coat galvanizing process enables free stalls, gates, and self-locking panels to remain rust free 5-10 times longer than “generic” painted products. Tubing is corrosion resistant to extreme & variable weather conditions. Clear and bright triple coated topcoat, zinc paint inner tube provided unparalleled performance. Salt spray tests outperform all competitive products.

With increased structural rigidity, greater load-carrying capacity and impact resistance, enclosures and stalls built with Flo-Coat Agri tube will remain durable, functional and attractive for years. Other Flo-Coat applications include augers, confinement systems, dairy stalls, farm gates, crates, grain bins, hay balers, metal buildings, seeders, watering systems.

Available – Gatorshield or Flo-Coat. Custom ordered lengths or mill produced 20 ft or 24 ft bundles. Minimize waste, improve product and control costs. Allied’ Flo-Coat galvanized tube and angle enable you to maximize your competitive position through superior product performance. As a Canadian based “mill-direct distributor” for over 20 years, Supply Rite Steel Inc. provides friendly, reliable professional service.


  • Industry dominant and proven performance within North American applications.
  • Tubing available in many OD and wall thickness.
  • Bright uniform finish – fabricator friendly for welding, bending & painting.
  • Available in galvanized round, square, rectangle, angle.
  • Allied’s coatings resistant to abrasion, damage by impact, detergents, disinfectants, fertilizers, insecticides, scratches, urine.