Customer Stocking Programs

Ample Supply of Galvanized Tubing – Always in stock
Supply Rite Steel maintains (in-stock) over 250 bundles of Allied’s galvanized tubing, angle, posts and telescoping (pre-galv with holes) tubing at any given time. A wide range of profiles are common to many users and we usually always something suitable for those who need material quickly.

Shipping, Warehouse & Handling
All steel is shipped on fully-loaded, fully-tarped, flatbed trucks. Direct from the mill warehouse to our 10,000 s.f., drive-in ditribution warehouse. All inventory is always kept indoors on cantilever racking or nicely blocked on floor. A unique 4-directional forklift, safely and easily (and gentle as possible) transfers your order to usually smaller fuller-tarped flatbeds.

Stocking Programs Saves our customers Money
Steel is a commodity and does fluctuate in price. Advance planning during periods of price movement enables you to “stock up” ahead of mill increases and delay the effect higher market prices.

Peace of mind -your profiles are nearby -and ready for you
When we know your preferred product profiles, (general usuage volume & timing) then we can secure & reserve base level of stock items just for your anticipated needs. No need to tie up cash flow with excess inventory and know that have the stock is available and ready when you are.

Forget about Mill Rolling Schedules
Leave the planning to us! With stock on hand for you, we’ll watch the mill’s rolling schedules and keep you up to date on what you need to know. Expect to hear from us when we see something about to be produced that you can use.

Access your Stocking Program Electronically – Anytime
Electronic access to your inventory program enables you to access one-line and any time 24/7 through a private & secure web-based portal. (Even in the middle of the night, so you can get back to sleep 🙂