“In-line Galvanized” is a better method than the “Hot-Dipping” process. Find out why!

10 Reasons to switch to Allied’s triple coated, in-line galvanized products (Zinc FloCoat and Gatorshield)

  • Surface Appearance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Ease of Fabrication
  • Product Strength
  • Clear Topcoat and Ease of Painting
  • Process Control & Consistent Quality
  • Zinc-Rich Interior Coating
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Overall Cost Savings
  • Competitive Edge

Both galvanizing processes require a complete immersion of steel surface in molten zinc metal – yet their surface asthetics are widely different and their functional abilities can vary greatly.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • Continuous in-line galvanized “triple-coated” tube/angle exhibits an excellent combination of smoothness, brightness and surface gloss which is maintained for an extensive period of time.
  • 99.99 pure zinc applied at high speeds allowing immediate application of second conversion coat over the zinc surface. This prevents the highly reactive and freshly galvanized surface from any appreciable oxidization prior to conversion coating. Application of the third coat, a clear organic topcoat, and curing of the same film at high speed, ensure proper sealing of the conversion coating.

Hot Dip Galvanized:

  • Surface has “frost flower” appearance or spangled pattern which quickly develops a “dull grey patina”.
  • Patches of “white rust” normally develop after short-term outdoor application.
  • Range of surface defects is also visible on piping including bare spots, dross protrusions, flux, ash inclusions and general roughness.


The corrosion rate of a galvanized surface is greatly influenced by humidity and temperature.Zinc corrosion in industrial and coastal areas is highly accelerated due to the presence of sulfur dioxide, sulfate compounds and also by the chrolide compounds present in the air, soil and water.

FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • Coatings are formulated with special rust corrosion inhibiting chemical additives to delay white rust formation.
  • Due to the presence of the clear barrier coating on the surface, the attack of condensed moisture or rain is substantially slowed by the triple-coat product.
  • Allied galvanized tubing products resist rust and corrosion at least 45% longer than hot-dipped galvanized schedule 40 pipe.
  • Salt Spray results provide clinical evidence of superior performance.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • No flaking -Unlike HDG pipe, the in-line galvanized product has a very thin iron-zinc alloy layer that acts as a mettilurgical bond between the outer layer of pure zinc and the base steel. This thin alloy is carefully maintained by controlling a number of variables in the production process.
  • Because of its composition and controlled thickness, the finished pipe can take severe fabrication without flaking any zinc coating and provides superior protection to the zinc layer.
  • 50/55 Gatorshield can be easily fabricated…bent, swaged, wall-to-wall flattened…without deformation of the triple layer of protection. Galvanized schedule 40 tends to flake and chip during fabrication.


  • In the continuous in-line galvanized process, after the pipe has been formed, welded, cleaned, galvanized and quenched, it goes through a sizing operation which cold works the pipe and the zinc coating.
  • This cold working substantially increases the yield and tensile strength of the finished product – typically 10%-20% over that of the base steel.
  • In most cases, reduction of gauge is attainable without compromising strength – thus reducing material costs.
  • Gatorshield tubing (50 ksi yield strength) is significantly stronger (66%) gauge for gauge, yet is at least 31% lighter (OD/OD) than galvanized schedule 40 pipe. Less weight means easier handling and installation in the field, particularly in areas where material handling equipment is unavailable or the site is inaccessible.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • High performance polymeric coatings with lowVOC content with additives to enhance greater flexibility for easier fabrication.
  • Clear top coat does not need special surface preparation and can be easily painted with most decorative paints including powder coating.
  • 50/55 Gatorshield can be easily fabricated…bent, swaged, wall-to-wall flattened…without deformation of the triple layer of protection. Galvanized schedule 40 tends to flake and chip during fabrication.

Hot Dip Galvanized:

  • Usually not coated.
  • Inconsistent coating applications not condusive to painting.
  • Surface imperfections – aesthetic issues, excessive roughness, lumpiness, dross protrusions, blisters, flux and ash inclusions.
  • Usually fraught with fabrication and painting problems.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • Controlled process – 30 distinct processes working in tandem and synchronous harmony.
  • Interdependency of production process requires stringent quality and process controls resulting in a high quality manufacturing, consistent product output.
  • ISO Certified production environment.

Hot Dip Galvanized:

  • Cannot maintain exact conditions of lifted bundles within each section.
  • Uncontrollable surface appearance.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • Interior surface coated with zinc-rick paint or other corrosion inhibiting coating, providing sufficient resisitance to rust formation.
  • Outdoor applications – interior surface always coated with a true zinc-rich coating bearing 87%-93% zinc dust.
  • Interior coating also protects interior weld zone.

Hot Dip Galvanized:

  • Material must be properly prepared at fabricator to enable air to escape.


FloCoat /Gatorshield In-Line Galvanized:

  • Prime grade zinc.
  • 99.99% pure electrolytic zinc that is virtually free of lead and cadium.
  • Allied’s Flo-Coat process is safer and better for the environment. Increased Federal and EPA issues are restrictive to the hot-dipped galvanizing process. These restrictions will make hot-dip processes cost prohibitive, and may result in a decline of processors and cause availability problems.


  • Reduce labour hours – especially pre-paint preparation process.
  • Reduce material costs.
  • Reduce or eliminate hot dip charges.
  • Reduce or eliminate transportation related to hot dip delivery.
  • Improve production timelines.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Allied’s Flo-Coat process is safer and better for the environment.