By using Flo-Coat & Gatorshield (pre-galvanized) products, can I improve my workflow and even lower my overall fabrication costs?
Yes, customers that use our product have realized financial benefits to their company’s bottom line and strengthened their competitive edge. They have gained additional production time by not having to send materials out for hot dipping. Less material handling and easy paint preparation reduces labour, streamlines workflow and usually adds more available in-house production time.



Corrosion protection is important to my products and reputation, how do your products rate in the marketplace?
Superior – Allied Flo-Coat and Gatorshield products ranks at the top for corrosion protection. Proven field and laboratory salt spray test data is available. This is achieved by a triple coat bath process unparalleled in the industry. First, a layer of 99.99% pure zinc bonds to the tubing, followed by a second synergistic conversion coating. The third coating is a clear organic coating which “seals” the surface. This top coat provides a smooth long-lasting surface brightness Zinc Rich Interior Coating – in addition to superior corrosion resistance. The inside of the tube is also protected with zinc-rich coating, providing sufficient resistance to rust formation.



Material weight reduction is important but I cannot compromise strength – how is this possible with your product?
Allied’s in-line galvanizing process which involves heating and quickly cooling of the tube, enhances the mechanical properties of the product. Gatorshield tubing delivers a minimum 50,000 psi yield strength thus proving increased structural rigidity, greater impact resistance and substantially lower cost than hot-dipped pipe or structural product.



Welding – Can Flo-Coat and Gatorshield products be welded?
Yes-Allied galvanizes their tubing using a process which is distinctly different from hot dip galvanizing. The fumes generated from Allied’s galvanized products are not as noxious and can be safely avoided. The galvanizing process is 99.99% zinc which is virtually lead- free, so lead oxide fumes generated during the welding process is kept to an absolute minimum. With a hit-dipped product, zinc coverage tends to be inconsistent. The zinc on Gatorshield is applied in a controlled process, thus making welding easier, while retaining excellent corrosion resistance.


With Flo-Coat, how do you restore the corrosion resistance to welds?
This is easily accomplished by using a custom touch up paint to restore the protection. This is available from SupplyRite in aerosol form or in larger quantities for spray systems.


Powder Coat – What are the advantages when painting Flo-Coat products?
The clear “organic” top coat acts as a “primer” for powder coating; extensive pre-cleaning is unnecessary. If the powder coating gets scratched, the triple coat protection underneath continues to protect the tube. In addition, the even, uniform coverage of the coatings provides a smooth powder coat, with excellent adhesion.



Is pre-galvanized angle steel available?
Yes. Both even and even angle is available in various sizes and gauges.

  • Size Range 1″ X 1″ – 6″ X 6″
  • Wall Thickness Range 0.083 min, 1/4″ max
  • Mill Length 60″ min*, 480″ max

Even and uneven legs are now available.



Are your products environmentally friendlier than typical hot-dip galvanized?
Most of the steel recycled today comes from old automobiles. The typical passenger car consists of about 70 percent steel and iron by weight, and much of that can be recycled.

Recycling automobiles is good for the environment. Last year, more than 12 million tons of steel were recovered from recycled cars and diverted from local landfills.

The in-line galvanized process uses 99.99 pure electrolytic zinc that is virtually free of lead and cadmium.



Who is SupplyRite Steel Inc?
SupplyRite Steel Inc is an established leading distributor of galvanized tube for Allied Tube & Conduit. We serve Ontario, Quebec, Maritime & Atlantic Provinces as well as Western New York State. The company was established in 1981. SupplyRite’s administrative office and warehouse is located in Toronto. In addition, its Montreal warehouse services Quebec and eastern Canadian customers.


What is SupplyRite’s management philosophy?
SupplyRite is a professionally managed company with a “customer focus” mantra.
Our guiding principles include providing customers with product and service solutions to improve their business and control or lower their costs.


SupplyRite helps fabricators be more successful – SupplyRite proudly enjoys long-term customer relationships within many customers within various industries. We typically work alongside our customers to guide them with tube and angle product specifications, applications, stocking programs and other ideas to improve their business efficiency and reduce costs. Our experience and depth of resources is backed by Allied’s team of professionals.


Does SupplyRite offer JIT and local stocking programs?
Yes- This is a great way to reserve and secure stock. SupplyRite can work with your product forecast to ensure that the specific sizes you need are always available and delivered to you just in time. Minimize your inventory, free-up cash flow and don’t worry about mill rolling dates. Contact SupplyRite for complete program details.


What if I need raw /bare tubing?
SupplyRite is also able to provide you with uncoated/ bare/raw tubing. Our preference is to demonstrate the merits of galvanized. Presently, we do not supply aluminum, stainless steel or plastic.


Can you provide me bundles already cut to my specific length?
Yes- Conditions apply – Mill orders can be cut to your specific length 10ft. minimum length and there are minimum bundle requirements. This is a great way to minimize waste on sizes you use the most.

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