Commercial and residential applications – components such as torsion tube, angle guides, bottom bars, bollards and protective corner angles.


– Supply Rite offers 12ft, 24 ft or custom ordered lengths in split or full-bundle quantities. Minimize waste, improve product and control costs. Allied’s Gatorshield and Flo-Coat galvanized tube and angle enable you to maximize your competitive position through superior product performance. As a Canadian based “mill-direct distributor” for over 20 years, Supply Rite Steel Inc. provides friendly, reliable professional service.


The advantages of using superior galvanized tube and angle products:

  • Torsion Tube: Proven & Recommended is Allied’s Flo-Coat or Gatorshield .995 Round OD x 14 ga (.083 wall) x various lengths.
  • Angle Door Guides & bottom bar: Flo-Coat Galvanized angles also available in both equal and unequal legs ranging from 1.25” up to 4” to ¼” (.250 wall thickness). Bottom angle ideal for durability,
  • security and weather strip application.
  • Galvanized Bollards available up to 5.000 Round.
  • Matches door components. Eliminates need for secondary corrosion protection.
  • Cost effective, promotes streamlined workflow thus reducing internal operational labour costs.

For nearly 30 years SupplyRite has proudly provided its customers with reliable, responsive and personal service unparalleled in the industry.

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