mechanical tubing for awnings

Supply Rite Steel offers industry superior galvanized tube and angle products.

Gatorshield superior strength means that any given structure can require fewer linear feet than aluminum with a result that an awning can weigh less and provide greater structural integrity. Wide range of high strength galvanized tubing and galvanized angles. Tubing is corrosion resistant to extreme & variable weather conditions. Structure will maintain weld-zone integrity. Clear and bright triple coated topcoat, zinc paint inner tube provided unparalleled performance – will not “gray down”. Salt spray tests outperform all competitive products.

Available – Gatorshield or Flo-Coat. Custom ordered lengths or mill produced 20 ft, 21 ft or 24 ft bundles. Swaging is also available. Minimize waste, improve product and control costs. Allied’s Flo-Coat galvanized tube and angle enable you to maximize your competitive position through superior product performance. As a Canadian based “mill-direct distributor” for over 20 years, Supply Rite Steel Inc. provides friendly, reliable professional service.


The advantages of using Gatorshield or Flo-Coat for Awning:

  • Proven & highly recommended for frame & awning structures. Commonly in-stock.
  • Round Tubing available in many OD’s. ½”, .625, .815, 1.029, 1.315, 1.660, 1.900, 2.375 are most common.
  • Square – 1.00” , 2.00”
  • Rectangle – 1 x 2” rectangle is widely used.
  • Bright uniform finish – fabricator friendly for welding, bending & painting.
  • Cost effective, promotes streamlined workflow thus reducing internal operational labour costs.

For nearly 30 years SupplyRite has proudly provided its customers with reliable, responsive and personal service unparalleled in the industry.

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