steel application for conveyors

Over 26 million feet already produced specifically for roller conveyor systems. Clear & bright topcoat with tight outer diameter and ovality tolerances create a better looking durable roller, which allows conveyors to run more smoothly with less downtime. Production controlled inner diameter (ID) and flash ensure consistent fit of bearings. The improved ovality tolerances provide lower TIR readings and quieter conveyor systems, thus allowing systems to run at higher speeds.

Available – Galvanized or HRPO Conveyor tubing. DQ type is available for roll grooving applications. We can offer custom ordered lengths or mill produced 20 ft or 24 ft bundles. Minimize waste, improve product and control costs. Allied’ Flo-Coat galvanized or HRPO tube and angle enable you to maximize your competitive position through superior product performance. As a Canadian based “mill-direct distributor” for over 20 years, Supply Rite Steel Inc. provides friendly, reliable professional service.


Why choose Galvanized or HRPO Conveyor tubing :

  • Proven & highly recommended for roller applications.
  • Widely used by most North American conveyor roller system manufacturers.
  • Conveyor tubing available in sizes from ½” OD up to 5.00” OD. Cutting services for supplying pre-cut conveyor tubing to desired tolerances also available.
  • Cost effective, promotes streamlined workflow thus reducing internal operational labour costs.

For nearly 30 years SupplyRite has proudly provided its customers with reliable, responsive and personal service unparalleled in the industry.

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