The Bottom Line
Although there are many variables to product success, many companies who use Gatorshield & Flo-coat galvanized tubing within their product offerings have experienced proven increased success in winning new projects and streamlining workflow. This is attributed to providing their customers with an improved product quality. In addition, in many cases, overall fabrication processes are simplified, enabling a greater production window and a reduction in overall fabrication costs.

Creating Barriers for your Competitors
Gatorshield & Flo-Coat product acceptance means market dominance. Engineers, purchasing agents and even parent groups (for school playgrounds) are specifying the superior product performance of Allied Tube. Pipe, hot dip, lead content and other products not originally designed for the specific application are deemed undesirable and in many cases are no longer accepted by the educated buyer. Allied continues to develop “industry specific” products and related products which exceed current industry standards. Gatorshield & Flo-Coat continue to become the “specified norm” in many markets. Gatorshield, Flo-Coat and the Allied identities (i.e. logos) are highly recognized within many buying groups. The Allied identity is often featured within customers product catalogues, advertisements and websites as a symbol of material excellence.

Industry Applications – Market Success
Playground & recreational products, outdoor shelters, greenhouse, frame & awning, conveyors, dairy & farm stalls, cargo trailers, greenhouses.

Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
The traditional hot dip galvanize process reduces fabricators production window, requires 2-way transportation costs, increases internal product handling costs and labour. Overall operational capacity is reduced thereby restricting a companies true ability to produce quickly, especially during seasonal peaks. Also, the inconsistent aesthetic result of HDG may detract from your products final appearance. Uneven galvanized coverage, flaking and excessive overall timelines reflect poorly on any organization.


Flo-Coat, Gatorshield & Pre Angles
Our galvanized steel tubing/angles offer the following advantages over other zinc products…

Painting – Tube and angles are easily painted or powder coated
Our clear topcoat not only reduces the general corrosion rate of the zinc but also acts as a primer for painting or powder coating. Extensive pre-cleaning is unnecessary, and excellent adhesion is achieved, even at high baking temperatures.

Appearance – Tube/ Angle is shinier and smoother than any competitive product on the market.

Strength – Cold-forming and quenching process creates greater yield and tensile strength than competitive products.

Corrosion Resistance – Tube/Angle exhibits greater corrosion resistance than competitors products because the triple coat process passivates the zinc to slow down the white rust growth process, and our clear topcoat then “seals in” the protection. Our triple coat process resists rust longer than any pre-galvanized (G-60, G-90, or G- 115) or zinc electroplated tubing.

Fabricating – Tubing is easily bent, swaged, and wall-to-wall flattened without deformation of our triple coat protection. In addition, our tubing will not flake or chip when fabricated like competitive products or hot dipped products.

Welding – Tubing is easily welded in the same manner as welding bare steel. Our tubing contains the lowest lead content achievable (99.99% pure zinc); so lead oxide fumes generated during welding are kept to an absolute minimum.